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Experts tell White House coronavirus can spread through talking or even just breathing


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6 minutes ago, maxchoboian said:

My allergies flared up while shopping the other day, and I had a small sneezing attack. Pretty much had the store to myself once that subsided.

It's really weird....going to the store is NO fun these days, never was really. 

Yesterday I felt eyes on me by the people wearing masks.......I'm sure the other's sporting NO masks felt the same way.

Think I'll wear some sort of mask next trip.......for my protection and theirs.

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This guy says this thing was and is community spread before symptoms at the 1 minute 18 mark. He practically kicked off the podcast with that revelation. 

All you need to do is breathe he said. 

It's gonna remain inspite of temperature he said. 

For months he said. 

The very thing you need to do to live is breathe. Just breathe. 



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