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37 minutes ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

It's going to be interesting to say the least.

I have mixed feelings, not that it matters... on one hand I want these kids to get what they're hoping to get, on the other hand... well you know...



These are mostly kids who harbor illusions that they're one big break away from going D1. If they didn't fall for Dusty they'd just end up at Jersey Coast Academy, West Palm Beach Prep or any one of the other 50+ post-grad football programs who are all run by equally convincing snake oil salesmen. The only reason anyone cares about USAA is that they're trying to operate as a high school rather than as a PG program and they made a grand entrance with facility renderings and scheduled HS teams people actually care about rather than scheduling other sketchy PG programs and D3 JV teams.

On top of that there's a lot more scrutiny and actual government oversight that comes with running a K-12 school. The government doesn't really care if adults fall for some wacko offering religious degrees out of a homeless shelter a la Redemption Christian College. All the other sketchy prep schools are loosely aligned with community colleges (even if the cc's don't know it some times) and aren't scholastic programs per se. They do care if a minor isn't receiving a proper education.

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24 minutes ago, CODBEARD said:

In my day we used to call that flunking out. Who flunks on purpose? These guys..USAA Flunkies  #comeflunkwithus!  


Here is what is going to happen (assuming they actually get a NCAA compliant school and play) Next year there will thousands and thousands of legit 2021 kids who are as good or better than they are and won't require any special academic provisions to qualify or shady school bagage.. Those kids will get the scholarships but hey at least they get to play one more year of ball and flood twitter with their hype along with the millions of other best ever twitter ballers..but hey will have great some stories to tell at Mooby's.. lol

Best Flipping Burgers GIFs | Gfycat

These are what I would consider "legit" circumstances for reclassifying and taking a 5th year an actual school that allows such things like the NEPSACs in New England or Fork Union:

1) test scores too low to be an NCAA qualifier- this is something that can be remedied in a lot of cases with good enough tutoring which you will get at a school like Choate or Andover

2) injury causing you to miss all/most of your junior or senior year- self-explanatory, might just not have enough film to get the looks you want

3) started playing the sport late in your HS career- some guys think they're basketball players and end up coming out for football late and really showing out but might need another year of film. For example Gerrard Shepherd at McDonogh came out for football his senior year, ended up at UConn and then 4-5 years in the NFL and CFL. He probably would have gone higher than UConn if he'd played more than a year.

4) you are literally coming from another country and need a year of seasoning to get used to how things are done in America without wasting a year of NCAA eligibility

5) you are in the midst of some late and massive growth spurt

Other than that, it's like you said, they're just delaying the inevitable end of their athletic careers and doing it in the most expensive way possible. Nothing like racking up $5-10k in debt to play 7 games against other sketchy "prep schools," Wesley College's JV team and the club football team at UNC-Greensboro. Just go pay $300 to play semi-pro if you can't give up football. Nobody's being "slept on" these days. If no one offered you there's a good reason why. Hudl has been the great equalizer in recruiting. Trevon Diggs played his HS home games in a public park and still went to Bama. Hell, they're finding guys in EUROPE now! Half the NCAA has an Aussie punter seemingly. You can't tell me that someone playing at a big public school in Atlanta or anywhere in America somehow got missed by everyone.


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2 hours ago, Sweetlarry said:

Another reclass for the USA jucos. 

#itshappening #again 



If you look through this kids twitter it's almost sad. He claims "offers" from:

- Millikin University (DIII school- can't offer scholarships)

- Friends University (NAIA school in Kansas who offers pretty much anyone with a pulse)

- Georgia Knights and East Coast Prep (some of the sketchy "prep" schools)

- Ventura College, West Hills College and College of the Canyons (Cali JUCO's- can't offer scholarships)

Yet because he's on a mass mailer list he's claiming that New Mexico is "showing love." He also announced he was reclassifying to USAA back on Feb. 25. Why the need to announce it again?

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20 hours ago, CODBEARD said:

staying back a year and "officially" not eligible for NCAA clearing... apparently these guys don't realize they are better off graduating and being academically not eligible for NCAA then go to a Juco or Prep as year and get in that way... This way they are trying only the elite of the elite will get those academic redshirt schollies and not allot of the coaches will even fool with that...

Well he must be a peach since the NCAA waived test scores this year, all you need is a 2.3 to be eligible.  

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On 5/6/2020 at 8:51 AM, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

It's going to be interesting to say the least.

I have mixed feelings, not that it matters... on one hand I want these kids to get what they're hoping to get, on the other hand... well you know...



Lol this will never get old.  Hahaha

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