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Battle on The Border Set...


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Some decent games...thought it might be much bigger though.

Three preseason #1s in their respective states

#1 Pearl, MS vs Parkway, La

#1 Brentwood Academy, TN vs Bishop Dunne (Dallas,  TX)-TAPP

#1 Grayson, GA vs John Curtis,La



September 8
6:00 PM Booker T. Washington (Tulsa, OK) vs. West Monroe
8:30 PM

Pearl vs. Parkway

September 9
11:00 AM  Brentwood Academy vs. Bishop Dunne
3:00 PM Grayson vs. John Curtis
7:00 PM Moss Point vs. C.E. Byrd
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12 minutes ago, ATLien12x said:

Why is Grayson - JC not the night game? 

Good question....

CE Byrd, La vs Moss Point, MS should be the first game Friday, not the finale of the event ....

CE Byrd is in Shreveport is the only thing I can think of...

John Curtis streams all their games with their homer broadcasting team even the BOBs they've been in (all 3)....pretty certain that gets a stream.

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I Linked them up with Moss Point. They were in bad need of a replacement team against Byrd and I seen on the Miss Ath Assoc site that Moss Point had the same week open. So I gave them the number to the BoB promoter and obviously they made it happen. Glad its finally set. Next year I think will be bigger with PGL involved.

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16 hours ago, ATLien12x said:

Why is Grayson - JC not the night game? Any chance these are streamed? Even if just radio? 

Easy....To allow time for the "Hive" (Student section) to swarm in and watch their team get decimated...

At least they were wise to get the West Monroe scrimmage out the way early...

(Sidenote:  No way in HELL a Bossier Parish team should be Preseason #1....Ever...Until they learn what Defense is and stop playing Big 12 ball...)

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3 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Teams already on the docket for the 2018 BoB:

Carol City FL

Chaminade-Madonna FL

Deerfield Beach FL

McGill-Toolen AL

Hoover AL


Parkway LA

Byrd LA

Fayetteville AR

Grayson GA

John Curtis LA

Jenks OK




The Florida teams already signed contracts? 

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Be cool to see Grayson play a Parkway/West Monroe type LA team also.

As long as the new HC works out (which is TBD), Grayson will be pretty good the next few years. They should be preseason #1 in GA for 2018 also.

Or hell ... Id like to see them play Jenks OK. Ive never heard of a GA vs OK matchup. 

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