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The REAL reason why West Coast teams won't trek SOUTH!...

Old Rabid One

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1 hour ago, Old Rabid One said:

At 10:17 PM tonight, the temperature in Middle Georgia was a pleasant¬†80 degrees, with a humidity level of 80%! There ain't NO way in HELL that those teams could prepare for what they'd feel, unless they practiced in a sauna!¬†But we're expecting a break in the weather by DECEMBER!ūü§£

Conversely, why is Milton the only HSFB team from GA to ever venture to Cali? 

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3 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Today I found a penny... 

Picked it up and all day long I had good luck

HEY Sport, I believe that it was I, Old Rabid One, who tried as I may, to set you up with four, count um, FOUR college girls of no color, who were frolicking in your area, in this new found commodity that Northerners call SNOW! But HEY, maybe your gate don't swing that way?

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5 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

Eagles Landing is also traveling to OH to play X. That makes only two (2) relevant GA programs traveling to play in significant OOS games. Two! Sad. 

Maybe they don't feel the need to live to someone else's standards of what is important.  Georgia teams seem to do pretty well placing players in the next level with what we are doing now.

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38 minutes ago, Fred said:

I don't know and can't speak to those areas.¬†¬† I do have an idea about the Milton area.¬† I've been there. ūüėĀ

PRIVATE SCHOOLS are ALL you need to know! And they are BOTH SUB BUSH LEAGUERS! A bunch of their neighbors took Colquitt on, but NOT ELCA!

And Benedictine USE to play in the BIGS of Georgia! In 1996, they lost in the big school quarterfinals to Lowndes, 15-14! NOW, they miraculously manipulated themselves into crappy lil AA!

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