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Georgia 2022 HSFB schedules.


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They just threw a dart at every non-Atlanta Region and called it alignment... 

Region 1-3A is a logistical nightmare... 

Thomasville and 5 Columbus schools... 

Region 1-5A is a wtf moment incarnate... 

Coffee and a bunch of Augusta schools...

Region 2-6A is just ridiculous... 

You slammed Brunswick,Augusta and Savannah into one region... wtf... 3-4 hour region games... 

The GHSA needs a ass whoopin

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1 hour ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Calhoun (GA) (Pulled from the Georgia Boards) has a decent schedule: 


Vs. Blessed Trinity 

@Gardendale (AL) @HooverOutlaw not sure how good they are... 


Vs. Cedartown

@Sonoraville -Weakest game 



Gardendale is a top 15 6A school.  They would probably be 4A in Georgia. 

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10 minutes ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:


Lee Co loves them some garbage FL teams. Lol. North Miami Beach finished 174th in Florida while Lee County finished top 15 in Georgia. 

The game was a lot closer last year if you take in consideration how bad NMB was. The game was 68-49. That was the 2nd most points they gave up all year. 

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