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big house riley vs Washington


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You dropped something ya Cajun Cunt....

Somewhere in between stroking your metaphorical dick about never  being right in the Cali playoff thread and calling Devil Dog racist slurs you left your reactions in my thread because you got lost Fuck face... 


41 minutes ago, RedZone said:

@steeler01 says usc wins.

Washington is a 3-point favorite.

RedZone > Washington wins 78-47

big house desperately needs to win this game though!



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7 minutes ago, RedZone said:

The usc defense actually overachieved tonight.

I had Washington winning 78-47....😂

That's cause you're always lost. 


Before there was a line,  I said the line would be somewhere between a pick and -3.  It ended at -3. You would've had the line at 20. Your takes are so far off

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