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Fox News: Sean Hannity


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Is there anyone still willing to prostitute themselves and claim Fox as "news."

This is easily the most blatant  failing of journalistic integrity I have ever know of. (you too)

Will Fox fire this angry Trumpet? 

I doubt it.

But "real news" organizations are firing folks over trite nonsense like saying hello to women coworkers when they have their period.


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..^^ pundit??...how about puppet?.....he's the mouth piece of the Trumper movement who's been exposed as a political hack who was trying to save his own ass concerning his involvement with Cohen....now we have the puppet and the lawyer on different pages of their story book...hummm....

..they said the courtroom had a audible gasp when they said his name followed by laughter.....:$

...why didn't Sean want his name out there??...what did Cohen fix for him?....;)


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Just now, DarterBlue said:

I am sure this will all become clear over the next few days. Given he took great pains to not have his name broadcast, it probably won't be anything good.

I love hoe he says Cohen is not his lawyer out of one side of his mouth but that he is out the other, "Trump speak."xD


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40 minutes ago, concha said:

Nooner, hi.

Hannity is a pundit. He runs a right-of-center opinion show. He is not a journalist and I don't believe he claims to be one

Hope this helps.

He has claimed to be one. Basically even fox knows hannity is a motor-mouth moron. Hope this helps.

I'm a journalist,” he said. “But I'm an advocacy journalist or an opinion journalist.”

Fox News declined to endorse Hannity's latest self-identification, saying in a statement that “Sean is keenly aware of his role as a talk-show host.” A couple of weeks ago, the network defended one of Hannity's fact-challenged theories by placing him in a different category from Fox News journalists.

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12 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

Meaningless and according to DiGenova and Alan Dershowitz,  Hannity's worst offense, if it's that,was not saying he's talked to Cohen and asked questions...You guys are real assholes,like the FBI,hunting for nothing.. .....and hoping for a storm...The only storm you creeps get is a slut named Stormey,who is only a money  grabber....Concha had it right...You have nothing....

We have nothing and fox/hannity has YOU.

When is the last time you thought for yourself, old man?

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