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What every gym needs


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3 hours ago, LeftOnBase said:

You do shrugs with 2 dumbbells......nobody's shrugging 1,050 pounds.

I believe Jeremey Hoornstra has shrugged 1050+ pounds with a barbell (and with lifting straps) 

for this feat to count, the shrugs must be done with FULL range of motion and good form, and absolutely no lifting straps. Chalk is allowed though. 

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2 hours ago, Bormio said:

Those don’t help you learn Mandarin Chinese.

I’m a man of many things. Accounting, investing, entrepreneurship, linguistics, writing, books and papers, lifting weights, astronomy, history, various industries, personal money management, and many others. 

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2 hours ago, 1DayPGA said:

My old gym had 200lb dumbbells and those basically collected dust. Can't imagine the one above being used other than to smooth out the driveway.

You should see my Mount Olympus dumbbell project. A solid globe dumbbell with a three inch thick handle and the entire thing is painted with the same gold paint used on Notre Dame’s helmets. 

Edit: it will weigh 600 pounds

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1 minute ago, ChimpGrip said:

Lol it gets better. How about a 1000 pound lat pulldown? Or a 800 pound RAW bench press (which isn’t human, but the anamoly of anamolies May reach it, and he lives in Russia). 

There’s a cat by Buford, Tim Moon benching over 800 but not raw... over 50 years old. 

I heard about the Russian dude. 


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I’m in my mid 30s and it’s really hard to push the weight I used to.... 

I have huge bone spurs in both my elbows that will eventually have to come out and have L1-L3 problem in my back from deadlifting a lot of weight one day. Tried to do one more rep and my back went. Thank God I was dating someone at the time she had to put my socks on everyday for 2 weeks. I could barely get in and out of bed ....Hence  I’m retired from deadlifting. 


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