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WTF is Wrong with People


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2 hours ago, Drummer61 said:

Was he drunk, high, sick or is just a wacko....Teachers today appear more and more problematic. Lot of teachers are mental...

I blame it on the right.  Too much craziness coming out of that corner.  Thats how people end up after listening to Savage and Hannity and Lavin daily.  You end up crapping every morning on the local hsfb field.  Talk about a career in the shitter. 

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52 minutes ago, Horsefly said:

As superintendent I'm sure he was aware the district was on the lookout for an unknown defecator and that the police were setting up cameras, and inspite of all that he still continued his pooping expedition.  Yep, this guy is definitely off his rocker.

He gets a pass to a psych evaluation, cuz he’s FOS. 

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