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Chicago shootings...


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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:


Just be glad it happened there and not your city cause it could happen anywhere with 270 million guns.



We shouldn’t let this happen in our country. Clean it up. Bring in Active Duty troops in these cities with large scale shootings in high crime areas. 


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4 hours ago, Sportsnut said:

I am of the party of none.

Bush could have done something but he didn't.

Right now, Republicans control the entire government.

Why don't they do something?


They are waiting for the dumbasses to pretty much exterminate each other. As long as they are mainly killing each other, I say, good move.

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16 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

No more bleach son.

This country is browning.


White is fading away.

I dont have a problem with brown or any other color. I have a problem with tax leeches (including corporate America) and perpetual criminals.

White is fading away? Yep, along with common sense, hard working taxpayers, and families with 2 parents. Or in a lot of inner cities and trailer parks, at least 1 responsible one.

And I got your "son" in my drawers.




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There is no fixing this problem.

There are too many special interests that have the attention of those in office, many of whom are corrupted in their back room dealings. It makes no difference who is in the white house. This in not a democrat or republican thing. It is those in office who gets paid by those who do not live in the affected environments and don't give a dam about those who do. 

Gun laws should not be a local or state thing. It must be federal and enforced in a way that those who understand the criminal laws of enforcement, within the criminal element, understand. Chicago's gun laws are absolutely useless as the majority of the guns are transported into the metropolitan area from Gary Indiana.

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23 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

I am asking you what Trump is doing to fix the problem. I've yet to get a response. 

Why does obama get a pass? I’ve yet to get a response .... if trump does nothing to fix chicago in his 8 years than I will gladly revisit this topic. 

But again what did Barry do? 

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5 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

What is not true?

Wake you sleepy ass up and do a little homework.

It most certainly is true.

You just don't know it because all you know is all you know.

We’re 3-4 decades away first of all and you’ll be long gone so not sure why it’s so impotant to you  .... but You’re a racist piece of garbage if that’s what you take pride in or desire for this country. You’re just as bad as a kkk member if not worse. 




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6 minutes ago, Sportsnut said:

And that is what I want for this country.


Yea .... the white man just keeping you down huh? You’re a zero in life because of your shortcomings .... no one else’s. 

What you don’t understand bozo is economics. 

It’s not about numbers. 

Its about wealth. 

Whites families have 10x the net worth of black families (for several reasons) and by the way .... the gap is increasing not decreasing. 

So keep focusing on gradual population growth and not wealth. 


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