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Heard trump is going to pardon Charles Manson...


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3 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

You have been groomed exactly how the liberal media wants you to think. 


Only an irrelevant thug like YOU doesn't get why trump is doing this......you suck at thug too.

Take a hike and wipe the trump off your nose.



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Fragile cyber personalities

Susan Greenfield says it seems that the personalities of digital natives, that is, those born in the 1990's or later, are more fragile, superficial and dependent on external stimuli and feedback than that of the earlier generations. 

”To them, reporting on one's life is more important than actually living it,” Greenfield says.
As an example of this she mentions the decreasing significance of status symbols: one's social status is now determined by how many likes one gets in the social media, and by how cool one is online.

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4 minutes ago, FolsomPrisonBlues said:

Lol more poverty per capita in GA. 

Humidity. Massive fast food. Government Housing. 

Failed policies of the South. 


Poverty, poor hygiene and inability to understand even the most basic statistics.

SkiSkope has the world by the balls. 🤡


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