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John Curtis 21 Bishop Lynch 14 Final


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2 minutes ago, RedZone said:

Lynch with a 100 yd fumble return for a TD...

They needed that..

They obviously have a couple of athletes on the team. The kid that is back for kick returns looks pretty good. Could be the same kid because I didn't catch his number before. Anyway, that kid looks dangerous if he gets out into the open field. 

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3 minutes ago, Texasball said:

Good God - turnover after all that

Their coach talked a good game. 

“We’re just grateful for the opportunity—coming on the shoulders of these last two years and the success and hard work of these last two groups of seniors—to get to the opportunity that we have before us, to play in a game like this,” Faucette said. “We know how much respect that (John Curtis) deserves. We just want the opportunity to go out there and play with a team like that and show what we can do.

“We want to be in the conversation with teams like that—the John Curtis, the De La Salle, the Bishop Gorman. We’ve not had the opportunity to be on a stage like this in the past, so we’re just grateful for the opportunity.”

As for what folks can expect to see from Bishop Lynch when it takes the field at the Independence Bowl? Faucette doesn’t mince words.

“They’re going to see a very disciplined football team that is a very hard-nosed, tough team, flying around,” he said. "There’s going to be some guys that get noticed in this national spotlight that weren’t noticed before. There’s going to be some people saying, ‘Holy mackerel who is this private team from Dallas, Texas? I’ve never heard of Bishop Lynch before.' 

“We respect John Curtis but we’re coming out to win a football game. It’s all business for us.”

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