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Stop the Presses....FOX News gets it right!


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11 minutes ago, RedZone said:

Such a sad sad lot of characters!

Your video needed it's own play...these morons here don't click links, everyone knows that.

I just want to slap ALL of them....


Wonder how many coronavirus deaths fox news is responsible for?

How do these people even look in the mirrors let alone each other?


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19 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

At least you have no shame posting a link to the Huff Post. It proves you will carry water without hesitation 

Trevor Noah? Jesus. Talk about letting the fox watch the chicken coop. 

Stay in your liberal utopia 

Why don't you play the video and see for yourself the lies and misconceptions perpetrated by FOX and Trump.

You are a tool.


Redzone:  Thanks for "dumbing" it down for Nolebull.

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6 minutes ago, noonereal said:

Good morning!

Be well today, Palm Sunday


all the best



You getting enough to weave or just enough for a cross over the bed...? 😄

Thank you for the reminder....

These days are all quarantine running together, half asleep thinking it was still Saturday, LOL, ok time to get some coffee....



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 I’ve already seen this hit piece before. 

 It was an attempt at a gotcha moment that failed miserably 

 The video contradicts itself completely. 

It shows the news anchors saying something about the coronavirus that is explaining it isnt as serious on this time of the reporting but days later, a week later, weeks later it’s a lot more serious. Duh!!!!

 And when they said the Democrats would use this for a new impeachment hoax they were 100% correct 


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19 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

 I’ve already seen this hit piece before.

Just like when Dr. Drew called this New York Times article a "hit piece" because it quoted exactly what he said.

From Jerry Falwell Jr. to Dr. Drew: 5 Coronavirus Doubters

Dr. Pinsky has also handed over his program to the comedian Rob Schneider, a former “Saturday Night Live” performer, who says the coronavirus crackdowns are nothing more than political stunts by elected officials seeking the spotlight.

Mr. Schneider, who has also opposed mandatory vaccines for children, appeared Monday on Dr. Pinsky’s program and talked about going out to dinner in defiance of the new guidelines.

“This is not affecting people who are healthy,” Mr. Schneider said, falsely.

Dr. Pinsky agreed, saying sick people should stay home, but “everyone else goes about their business.”

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