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Trumpy The Ass Clown..or..The Golden Calf


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11 hours ago, RedZone said:

There is something terribly wrong and disturbing about all these donald people.

People can spin however they like.........I don't really care


If you don't really care,

you can stop incessantly posting all your mindless thoughts on the subject. 👍

hope this helps 👌 

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21 minutes ago, DBP66 said:

LOL..if the shoe fits Newbie....🤡

yahzee !!!!!

oh wait...

don't you hate when people just yell meaningless shiat out

with nothing?


PS. You know how much I care,

because I said so



PS. time to now ask why I'm answering to some newb 👌 that could get you to change the subject...

not LOL

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