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Vaccine Mandates are Facing huge Protests Around the Globe.

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There are huge protests going on around the world, and they have been going on for months now. But since the MSMedia refuses to cover them, I guess that explains why no one has started a thread about them before this.

So I guess I'm elected. Europe and Australia are the most active with these protests, and government attempts to crack down on the protests. I'll start with Australia.


Blair Cottrell


Jul 24·

No Soros funding or corporate donors. No buses to bring people in. No politicians backing them. No celebrity support. No police kneeling to them. No media promotion.

Just Aussies fighting back.https://media.gab.com/system/media_attachments/files/080/064/771/original/ee8ada4d665763d8.jpegee8ada4d665763d8.jpeg

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green-pass-covid-protests-italy.jpg.webpGreen Pass protests planned across Italy after 'No Paura Day' rally in Turin.

Demonstrations against Italy's new covid Green Pass rules are planned in more than 80 towns and cities across the country on Saturday 24 July, starting everywhere at 17.30
The rallies, organised via social media, are against the so-called Green Pass which will soon be mandatory for indoor dining in restaurants and for access to cultural and sporting venues. Italy to require covid Green Pass for restaurants, cinemas and gyms

http:// www.wantedinrome.com/news/italy-faces-wave-of-green-pass-protests.html


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🇦🇺 Total Media blackout in Australia concerning the Truckies protest throughout NSW and around the states border 🇦🇺

The truck drivers have also had their social media blacked out so they cannot communicate with anyone. Here is a video of what is really happening in Sydney right now 👇



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Thousands Protest in Turkey Against COVID-19 Vaccine Passports


A boy holds a placard as demonstrators wave Turkish flags during a protest against official COVID-19-related mandates, including vaccinations, tests, and masks, in Istanbul, Turkey, on Sept. 11, 2021. (Murad Sezer/Reuters)

Thousands of people gathered in the Maltepe district of Istanbul in Turkey on Saturday to protest against COVID-19-related restrictions, including vaccine mandates, saying the restrictions infringe on their rights.

Nearly 3,000 people attended the rally, which was permitted by the governor’s office and started at 2 p.m. local time, Turkish news agency Diken reported.


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I don’t think people want to be controlled by some Globalist great reset takeover. The majority of the people around the world just want to live happy lives with their friends and family. They don’t want to be controlled like lab animals for the amusement of a few evil people in power. 

Telling people they will crush their lives if they don’t inject an experimental drug into their veins just doesn’t sit well with most 

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I don’t think the officials making these mandates understand the catastrophic damage which can be caused by ~25% of the population feeling as if they are being kicked out of society and needing to fight back. Yes, 25% amounts to a clear minority. But, it’s also more than sufficient to overwhelm any sort of staff enforcing the mandates in the absence of true violence and use of weapons. Will the government turn to weapons of war to push back these people? If so, what will that look like and what will follow it? If not, what will that look like and what will follow it?

It’s clear that circumstances have been created where one side will have to break or be broken. How much damage and lives will be lost before that happens?

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