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Former Rummel WR Cyril Grayson Jr is Antonio Brown's Replacement....


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I didn't mention Cyril Grayson Jr in the NOLA Catholic League thread (best players), but Cyril Grayson Jr is now a starting WR for Tom Brady and Bucs. Had a big day this past Sunday. Grayson Jr was with the Bucs last year and got a Ring. Tampa should really let Grayson returns kicks too......maybe next year.

Cyril Grayson Jr. never played a down of football at LSU, but was a football/track beast at Rummel. He went on to do big things at LSU in track on a full ride and decided to give football another shot after his track career at LSU. It's finally paid off for him this year. 

Cyril Grayson Jr was a legit 4.33 guy (LSU Pro Day) and was a relay specialist with elite speed during his track career at LSU..

4-time NCAA Champion
7-time All-American
SEC Champion

5-time All-SEC

Welcome to the big time Cyril Grayson Jr.....officially!


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34 minutes ago, Ga96 said:

Its weird all those none catholic kids attend the catholic schools in LA

I don't know if Cyril Grayson Jr is Catholic or not, nor do I really care. SO,  I know you don't know and are just talking out of your ass like you do in every other thread.

What I do know is New Orleans is almost 40% Catholic and the oldest Black Parish in the Nation is in New Orleans.....and, Voodoo-Catholicism is huge here. Something else you have NO clue about. Creoles are predominantly Catholic anyways. 

New Orleans Voodoo is also known as Voodoo-Catholicism. It is a religion connected to nature, spirits, and ancestors. Voodoo was bolstered when followers fleeing Haiti after the 1791 slave revolt moved to New Orleans and grew as many free people of color made its practice an important part of their culture.

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51 minutes ago, Ga96 said:

Another transfer 

Cyril Grayson Jr. wasn't a transfer either.  He was a 140 lb freshman QB/RB at Rummel. Didn't play much that year.

You are 0-2 just in this thread. 

Cyril Grayson
QB, RB • Fr. • 140 lbs


Grayson is now 190 lbs and enjoying the ride for as long as it lasts.


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4 hours ago, Atticus Finch said:

As I assume are all transfers that are eligible and play.

So I guess there's no need to mention them then?

If STA got just a few transfers through the years no one would mention it or care.

...Atticus, STA pulled in almost 20 transfers this past off season. lol

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3 hours ago, RedZone said:

...Atticus, STA pulled in almost 20 transfers this past off season. lol

There were no articles written about them and they were all approved by the FHSAA.


9 hours ago, RedZone said:

Rummel has picked up a few transfers through the years. Most every Catholic school here has.

BUT, not enough to write articles about and all of them have been approved by the LHSAA.


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