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Week 4 Excuse Thread- Norcal only...


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1 hour ago, Sammyswordsman said:

If Bishop Gorman had beat Central, they wouldn't have been so pissed.


22 minutes ago, Blueliner said:

Exactly!  This is Central's fault!  They will suffer for this outrage!!


I love this angle. A bunch of preps getting schooled by an inner city school, while said school was practically in a destruction zone.

Preps here to for take it upon themselves to destroy another set of preps in retaliation! 



We have the story line falling into place. 







I joke about the preps, not sure if preps go to either of those schools. I'm just a country boy with a poorly public country/county school education. I expect someone will step forth and explain whether there are preps at these schools or not. xD

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