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Mission Viejo -28 Santa Margarita - 23 Final


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3 hours ago, Eddyr2 said:

I'm sure Coach Johnson will still complain about how unfair it is that MV is d1 with all the  private schools (but he will be okay with taking all the  transfers he can get from the Trinity League)

I don't think he'll say it again but you have to consider MV's position.  Too good to play the next bracket down in the playoffs, but not good enough to outlast the "Private Dominated" highest playoff bracket.  Had to suck last year for them to watch a San Clemente team that they railed 41-3.   

It's a conundrum for CIF.  Maybe they should take the top 4 seeded Southern (and Northern)division teams at year's end and do a version of the NCAA playoff then send the winners to open division title game.  Backfill the four spots with the next four best teams. Bracket still plays for D1 title which isn't quite as prestigious as open game.  

This would eliminate some of the playoff blowouts which shouldn't be happening.

Good teams like MV get a more reasonable shot at a title.  

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