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Week 9 Excuse Thread


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  • 12 hours ago, Ararar said:

    If Archer is Georgia 5th best team they have problems.Talk about a lack of depth 

    They were considered the 5th best team in 7A. Not necessarily 5th in the state. 

    Also, I think they had a bad game in a rivalry matchup, but, that's whatever in the eyes of other around the country. Shit happens in rivalry games. 

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10 hours ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Hey. Anything can happen in the Trinity League where teams compete at the x(n)(th) degree of talent level.

What does this even mean?  x(n) is a some function of n, not a single number.

Are you trying to say x^n (x to the power n), where n is some large integer?

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31 minutes ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Honestly think the 1 day delay of the game due to lightning messed up the cadence of the Mater Dei team.  A game cancellation for that reason has not happened in So Cal in over 40+ years, maybe ever.  The coaches plan for everything, but not that.  Will be a different story in the playoffs

I agree with this.

Kinda like how that monsoon only affected Servite ...

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