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Georgia Week 9 Scores


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Some GA scores as we get deeper into Region play...



Walton 31, Roswell 24 - 4th (streaming at http://www.gpb.org/sports/football/match/2018/10/19/roswell-at-walton)

Colquitt Co. 38, Camden Co. 9 - Final

Hillgrove 49, North Paulding 24 - Final

Archer 40, Rockdale Co. 20 - Final

Lowndes 17, Tift Co. 14 - 3rd

Milton 30, Forsyth Central 3 - Final

North Gwinnett 41, Duluth 0 - Final

Grayson 44, Newton 14 - 4th

Parkview 31, Brookwood 2 - Final (Brookwood has scored 2 points in both of their losses)

Marietta 48, North Cobb 24 - Final



Lee Co. 63, Valdosta 7 - Final ... Geezzzz seriously? 

Johns Creek 28, Centennial 26 - Final

Coffee 41, Houston Co. 14 - 4th



Warner Robins 38, Bainbridge 0 - Final

Stockbridge 21, Dutchtown 14 - 4th

Rome 56, Hiram 0 - Final



Blessed Trinity 42, Chestatee 0 - Final

Marist 20, Flowery Branch 0 - Final

Cartersville 51, Chapel Hill 0 - Final

Troup Co. 20, Cedartown 13 - Final



Cedar Grove 13, Pace Academy 10 - 3rd

GAC 45, Cherokee Bluff 7 - Final

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9 minutes ago, ECHS05 said:

Some GA scores as we get deeper into Region play...


Lee Co. 56, Valdosta 0 - 3rd ... Geezzzz seriously? 

Walton 14, Roswell 10 - Halftime (streaming at http://www.gpb.org/sports/football/match/2018/10/19/roswell-at-walton)

Colquitt Co. 21, Camden Co. 9 - 3rd

Hillgrove 28, North Paulding 17 - 3rd

Archer 40, Rockdale Co. 7 - 3rd

Lowndes 14, Tift Co. 7 - Halftime

Milton 30, Forsyth Central 0 - 3rd

North Gwinnett 38, Duluth 0 - 4th

Grayson 28, Newton 7 - 3rd

Parkview 24, Brookwood 0 - 3rd (WHAT DID I FREAKING SAY RUFUS??)

Marietta 21, North Cobb 10 - 3rd

Johns Creek 28, Centennial 14 - 4th

Coffee 20, Houston Co. 7 - 3rd

Warner Robins 31, Bainbridge 0 - 3rd

Stockbridge 14, Dutchtown 14 - Half (big games of top 5 7-0 teams in 5A)

Rome 56, Hiram 0 - 3rd


Two things:

1. Parkview is legit.

2. Brookwood will be 6-2 after tonight. It's not like Brookwood is ass. Ain/t no shame in losing to Parkview.....right?

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9 minutes ago, FootballGuy said:

Two things:

1. Parkview is legit.

2. Brookwood will be 6-2 after tonight. It's not like Brookwood is ass. Ain/t no shame in losing to Parkview.....right?

Theres no shame in losing to Parkview no but my point is he had Brookwood top 5 preseason and top 10 still after North Gwinnett kicked their ass. And said they were a "program" so no matter what they lost last season, theyll still be good... that I had no idea what I was talking about, and his infinite wisdom far outweighed my own.

Wrong. Brookwood lost a freaking shit ton of starters and studs. Those studs were NOT replaced with the same caliber of players they had nor the experience. 

They may be 6-2 after tonight... But thatll be 2 ass whippings to the only halfway decent teams theyve played.


Brookwood has done nothing in recent years to be called a good program. This all came about because they beat Colquitt last year... But that was a special Brookwood team... For them.

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3 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Thought Centennial was decent. Top 1,500 puts them in the top 10 percent in the country 😂

Centennial is decent... I wouldnt crown Johns Creek state champs for beating them though!!!

But If you want to crown them, then crown their asses!! Lee will be there to steal it away in the playoffs.

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21 minutes ago, FootballGuy said:

Wouldn't that be some shit if the 7A final ended up being Hillgrove vs Parkview? lololololol

Hell at this point I can see it.

7A is really tough to rank. Its pretty deep with teams... Heres what 7A currently looks like to me


1. Colquitt Co. (Still #1 even after what appears to be a lack luster performance vs.


2. Parkview (yeah I said it)

3. Grayson (they seem to be improving every week and look better, although I have no confidence in them to beat a well coached top team when it matters)

4. Milton (I know they lost to Roswell... Idc, they are still going to be a tough out in the playoffs)

5. Archer (they are better than that showing vs. Grayson last week)

6. Hillgrove (a showdown with Marietta next week will reveal a lot about this team)

7. Walton (something seems to be missing with them... They are small on the lines but the skill players make up for a lot of that)

8. Marietta (this is probably too low... Mariettas talent is playing together better than they were, and they are healthier now... They will be dangerous in the playoffs and battle tested)

9. North Gwinnett (im probably lowballing them... They were my Preseason #1.. The margin between 2 and 10 isnt that big... Theres quite a few good teams in 7A this year)

10. Lowndes (again, being #10 isnt a slight... 7A is just packed with good teams this season)

11. Roswell (first they beat Milton.. Then lost to Wheeler... Wth do we do with them? They are 6-1 atm, and currently in a 21-17 game with Walton.. Clearly Roswell is pretty good)

12. Tift Co. (Hmm... They lost a close one to Parkview earlier this year, and are in a battle with Lowndes currently, 17-14)

13. McEachern (theyve lost to my #1, 6, & 8... They are still a good team)

(Nice sized drop off)

14. Westlake (they seem to be playing well... They could be dangerous in the playoffs)

15.  Camden Co. (Just a few weeks ago, they wouldnt have been close to this... But Camden honestly appears to be getting it together as the season goes on under Bob Sphire) 

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