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Shame Shame at ohio st


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5 hours ago, World Citizen said:

Obama deported more than any President.  What does force have to do with anything?

Ha. This is such parroted CNN bullshit. 

That is such a wrong and misleading statement. 

But I’m sure you have no idea why, do you? Of course not, because Rachel Maddow didn’t tell you why.  

Definitions  were changed how “deportations” were defined under Barry.  Further, The reported & inflated numbers vs the actual made the Enron accountants who cooked  the books look like honest professionals. 

It was All to masquerade his true objectives with the media parroting that statement in his back pocket as his defense. Fundamentally changing this country just as he said he would. 

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On 5/18/2019 at 3:29 PM, Sportsnut said:

Like your stories about being everywhere?

The Klan burned a cross in the yard of the man that baptised me.

Two doors from my door.

Did you know that?

The year was 1966.

So did you go to school? We learned many things in school.

You need to check one out soon.

Such a pity seeking liar!

Was it a dual baptism with Grady?

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