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Ron Jeremy gets arrested for sexual assault. (PLZ don’t enter thread, you’ve been warned)


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7 minutes ago, Cossacks said:

You would think the “hedgehog” would have gotten enough of it at work.


19 minutes ago, Troll said:

the news you follow.....


did y’all know Dennis Hof died last year, the dude who owns most of the Brothels in Nevada 


fuckin Guy OD’s in the same Suite that Lamar Odom OD in few years back


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34 minutes ago, CODBEARD said:

soo on that note.. true story.. yesterday I am in my Zoom AA meeting and some woman is going on and on ( like they do lol)  so I am scrolling through the people and checking out their expressions and what not .. Then there he was.. Old fat white haired dude sitting in his computer chair nude as fuck going to town on his Johnson. I had to scroll back like wtf!    yep... They( troll patrol) booted him out but he made it back in the tricky bastard.. Now the two ladies that were running the meeting started freaking out and didn't know what to do..I had to turn my cam off cause I didn't want them to see me laughing my ass off. Their second time in I realized it was gif and not a live jerk off.. Just some kids fucking around.. Probably some shit I would have done.. Well not actually done myself but egged one of my buddies on to do.. anyway .. that was crazy... carry on with the prick line up... what number you got?

Hard to say, criminals will often change their appearance (especially hair style) after the fact to throw off identification. Ron has his signature “shag”  and if he went full Brazilian it might be tough to stand out in the crowd 😂.

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