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Senate bill in another state (GA) to abolish transfer eligibity restrictions


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The organization shall adopt bylaws that establish eligibility requirements for all students who participate in high school athletic competition in its member schools. The bylaws governing student residence and transfer shall allow the student to be eligible to participate in high school athletic competition in the school in which he or she first enrolls each school year or makes himself or herself a candidate for an athletic team by engaging in a practice prior to enrolling in any member school. The student shall be and remain eligible in such school so long as he or she remains enrolled in such school. Subsequent eligibility shall be determined and enforced through the organization’s bylaws. Where the student lives,  with whom the student lives, or which school the student attended the previous year shall not be a factor in determining eligibility.

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  • OldTerrapin changed the title to Senate bill in another state (GA) to abolish transfer eligibity restrictions
4 hours ago, Nolebull813 said:

This just makes it where all the schools can play by the same rules. Usually it was just Gwinnett County and metro ATL that could bring in tons of transfers no questions asked. But now every team can bring them in and not have to hear the hypocrisy coming from the Gwinnett High School Association 

So basically...bye-bye GHSA?

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47 minutes ago, Frosty4024 said:

So basically...bye-bye GHSA?

Nah. Every few years a school in Ga gets their feelings hurt and their rep waste taxpayer money writing a bill that makes their people think they are fighting for them. They won't and shouldn't get involved in high school football. The private schools can take their ball and go home. 

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2 hours ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

Its an empty threat... 

Every few years they do this... 

The GHSA does need a Super Overhaul but they always end up getting by with the bare minimum

I think just creating a simple board to investigate transfers and end the honor system would go a long way. 

They've worked really hard toncreate language pertaining to transfers, but, the member schools have never pushed for an entity to be directly responsible for making sure these transfers are on the up and up. 

As it stands now, schools self report. Some AD's are more honest than others and just being honest shouldn't be something that is actually detrimental to a high school where minor children play sports. The way it is currently, sadly that is the case. 

These stupid couple of bills in the senate are basically the private schools trying to clap back at the GHSA membership for electing for the 3x multiplier on out of zone kids. 

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