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Pope John XXIII NJ @ Lake Gibson FL on 9/8...


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2 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Lake Gibson is well coached. They won't beat themselves like Deer Jerkey. They just don't have the athletes like Jerkey has. 

They lost their starting QB to transfer in the off season, but I heard Pope John lost some guys too. Didn't they whoop some Maryland team? Not sure how good they were. 

This is a tough game to call.

They did but isn't lake Gibson very good on defense this year? 

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4 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

IMO a private should always beat a public outside of TX. 

Smh you do realize this Lake Gibson the same Lake Gibson team who beat armwood and took Carol City to limit last year


It be crazy to assume they suck just because they a public


Unless you also think those 2 teams are terrible lol

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4 minutes ago, ECHS05 said:

Literally any other states besides those 2 Id say thats true.

Grayson vs John Curtis... The best in GA (a public) vs the best in LA (a private)... a good barometer? No?

Grayson wins easy. Louisnana football as a whole is a step down from the power states. That's why you see good to average Texas teams steam roll their State Champs. 

Allen was very good but not at their championship caliber last year and they blew the doors off the number 1 state champ from Lou-Weezy-Anna

Grayson does the same. 38-7

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15 hours ago, ECHS05 said:

Who wins this one FL/NJ guys?

Just... according to CP... for reference, this is NJ #7 @ FL #14.

Seems like a solid game.

Agreed solid game.   I think Lake Gibson is down a bit from last year and not a clue about PJ vs last year.  Cool matchup.  


Lake Gibson QB transferred to Lakeland in offseason.   That's not likely a good sign from a state finalist a year ago.  Just saying.   

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