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Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers


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38 minutes ago, RedZone said:


I just DO NOT KNOW WHY people continue to laugh at Global Warming..

Uuuuhhhhhmmmm…..gee.....let me guess...


Because 'some people' who don't know the first thing about science or weather, all of a sudden are so certain they understand everything about climate and how much they 'know', and then post stupid crap for whatever stupid reasons on message boards, like it will somehow  reinforce their own opinion....

That shit  IS  pretty funny you know 🤣 


how'd I do?...

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46 minutes ago, concha said:

Hurricanes are a new thing.


CAT 4's in October crushing the "Panhandle" are pretty new.

""Michael is a historic storm. A Category 4 hurricane has never struck that part of Florida. The coastline will be changed for decades," "


Get you head out of trump's rectum...

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On 10/11/2018 at 5:30 AM, concha said:

Hurricanes are a new thing.

I'm convinced now.

Dude kills me🤣


18 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

Only another WACKO would post this.....You really are the "low information puppet"type that the LEFT needs !!!!......Explain the ICE AGE TO US ALL.....PS climate change always happens and will continue and nobody denies it gets warmer, however, the reason is what many dispute....But, explain that ICE AGE.....

And not to mention that during the createous period, the earth was a balmy 25-30 degrees warmer than today. Damn dinosaurs were so against global warming that God hit em with an asteroid. 

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