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LSU may hit Pay Dirt in Georgia again today.


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41 minutes ago, HooverOutlaw said:

 Problem is they do not understand how recruiting and rankings working. 

A lot of those people were laughing at Gump a few months back when they barely had a Top 50 class.

Still a long ways to go...and then you have to work on keeping what you caught. It's a process.



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18 minutes ago, ATLien12x said:

I really don’t see #1. They’re way back right now behind Alabama and Ohio State 

Well, will be tight if everything plays out.....and, depending what Ohio St, Alabama and  Clemson finish with.

Ohio St is #1 with 19 commits

Alabama is #2 with 20 commits

LSU is #3 with 17 commits.


5* Tristan Leigh to LSU is gaining a little steam.


Couple other 5*'s could be Tigers..


The 3 Louisiana prospects alone if we were to land all 3 will bump us much.

bandicam 2020-08-29 16-56-22-074.jpg

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1 minute ago, TheOneTRUEmorph said:

Watch who you calling incoherent, I still have half a mind to not have a heart attack getting up to hit you with my cane

Either the "old guy" is a charade or he's actually the type of person to tell kids to "get off my lawn!" 

Maybe he's an older member of this board acting like a new one?

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