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Wildcat Will

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33 minutes ago, Wildcat Will said:

I told you there is more to Georgia than you have been led to believe.

Nowhere have you seen Hughes but Buford is a bandied about name.

It is early but as you can see, if you are watching, Georgia is not just top heavy.

Buford getting Buforded by Hughes, that is one physical team. 😐

2nd half coming up. 


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44 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

You are the Metro ATL guy. Why haven’t you been talking about them at all? 

SMH. I come on the national board hoping posters can drop some knowledge about teams from their neck of the woods, and due to incompetence, I’m out of the loop on this Langston Hughes team. 

Can't tell you know it all people anything. We share region with them and we played and lost to both these teams and I knew this would be a good game and maybe a shocker.

Don't blame me as I told you all that Georgia is more than what you are being led to believe.

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