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Good Job 👍 NJ


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Fuck man to many mistakes ur not gonna win games. In prime time .. there goes MNC chase .... now time to kick the teeth in of that charter school in Pa and focus on getting that #1 NJ and NG4 Ring








.. .. on to bosco and Bergen.. they represented to the fullest.. earned allot respect that was long due ......   big things happening in Bergen County 


stay tuned

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4 minutes ago, HawgGoneIt said:

Well, you know, his team lost so being the troll that he is, he wants to coat tail on the teams that didn't lose.

Gotta make these Jersey trolls own their bull 

Who’s trolling y’all schedule Hella 2AA teams then brag about ur years PPG average at the end of the year once everyone one forgets y’all played those ringers

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26 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Quiet you!  Lousiana picking up where they left off last year. 

Bishop Dunne clobbers state power Evangel. 

Florida panhandle Escambia kills New Orleans Catholic League member Archbishop Shaw 42-13. 

Go back to the kiddie table 

Are you seriously bragging about beating the worst team in Louisiana 5A 😂

Ok...Florida better not slip up ANYWHERE...lol


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