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Justin fields transferring from UGA


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Sucks for UGA but Fromm seems solid enough and should continue improving.  

It’s a critical juncture for Fields if he has next level asprations.  NFL wants ready to plug in immediately guys.  

I don’t think sittting behind Fromm and then starting for one year, will get him into ready to plug in position.

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You know Kirby did every thing in his power to make him stay. 

Fromm just played well enough to hold him off and he’s got another year so Fields doesn’t want to sit until the start of 2020 season. Fromm has a year in the system before Fields got there and it’s tough to make that up. 

Somebody is getting a stud though. 

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1 minute ago, HSFBfan said:

From a USA today article 

Fields, from Kennesaw, Ga., just outside of Atlanta, arguably will be the most highly coveted transfer in all of college football. He is expected to appeal to the NCAA to be eligible this season.

What argument could he possibly have to appeal? 


This kid is being led by an idiot in his inner circle.

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2 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

They won't. There's no basis for his appeal. 

Heres the exceptions to what your talking about

One-time transfer exception: If you transfer from a four-year school, you may be immediately eligible to compete at your new school if you meet ALL the following conditions:

  • You are transferring to a Division II or III school, or you are transferring to a Division I school in any sport other than baseball, men's or women's basketball, football (Football Bowl Subdivision) or men’s ice hockey. If you are transferring to a Division I school for any of the previously-listed sports, you may be eligible to compete immediately if you were not recruited by your original school and you have never received an athletics scholarship.
  • You are academically and athletically eligible at your previous four-year school.
  • You receive a transfer-release agreement from your previous four-year school.
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16 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

But he'll have to sit out next season anyways if he transfers to another FBS program. 


Fields was promised the world In HS to get his commitment and he’s probably getting some bad advice and he thinks he hasn’t been treated fairly. 

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