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Best football movies 🎥 and documentary??


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26 minutes ago, ChimpGrip said:

Eh hard to beat the new Longest Yard. Liked the old one since Richard Kiel (Jaws!) was in it, but the newer one had some characters in it. Bill Romanowski was in it too. 

That movie was compete dogshit. Ruined a great movie in that attempt. All these remakes of classic (Karate Kid, Red Dawn etc.) are garbage. 

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19 minutes ago, ChimpGrip said:

If I told you I like movies like Moonraker, Enter The Dragon and Outlaw Josey Wales and like the show Twilight Zone (made by Rod Serling)...

Would you still be curious of my age?

High plains drifter, Sanford and Son,  Dukes of Hazzard, Dirty Harry movies I love it. 

Moonraker was the first Bond I saw in the theater 1979. 

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