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Not gonna Lie Joe Biden not doing to bad of a Job


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17 hours ago, Bormio said:

I thought you had gone over to the dark side

It's funny because Dr. Quack said this....

On 2/24/2020 at 11:34 AM, Bormio said:

Democrats have become a party for white LIBERALS.  White and pro-life - go to the GOP.  White and pro-gun - go to the GOP.  White and concerned about illegal immigration - your home is the GOP.  White and a coal worker - the GOP is for you.  And they wonder why there is no one left to stop Sanders.  Sorry - the deplorables all went bye-bye.

....and then literally 5 days later Biden crushed Sanders and cruised to victory and the Presidency.

(womp, woooooomp)

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