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White House suspends press pass of CNN’s Jim Acosta after testy exchange with Trump


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what a joke of a press conference...first he names all the republicans who didn't want his suport and throws them under the bus by naming them and joking that they lost because Donny didn't campaign for them...then when asked if he could "compartmentalize" his situation regarding the possibility of more investigations and be able to work with the other side for the better of the country and he says "no"...Just like the spoiled rich kid that his is...he could give a shit about the country and said so today for the world to hear..Do something that's good for the country??..a concept Donny and his clown posse have no clue about.....he'll hold the country hostage to try and save his sorry, lying ass....

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25 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

What was the point of recording himself while he renders his credential to USSS? He was irrelevant with it and now he'll be even more irrelevant without it! #dramaqueen 

To quote a pundit I enjoy listening to, “Do yourself a favor and find yourself someone who loves you as much as Jim Acosta loves him some Jim Acosta.”

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1 minute ago, Sportsnut said:

He defended himself.

Isn't that what you would say about your dad if someone said he did it?

Natural reaction


And he never "laid" a hand on her. The back of his hand was touch by her as she attempted to take the mic.


Mr. Simpleton

She grabbed the mic as instructed and Jim chopped her arm down assault and battery style.

Secret Service should have used his head to open the door and escort him the hell out! 

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6 hours ago, GardenStateBaller said:

And you have to hand it to POTUS. He connects with the American people better than any President EVER!!! What he did today to Jim AccostHer garnered him even more 2020 votes!! #winning

connects?!..LOL..did you see any of the exit polling numbers?...by about 10% more Americans voted to vote against Trump and his administration...connects better??..LOL..did you hear that from Trump himself?..because he'd never lie about something like this..his popularity....which was down to 39% the night before the election...#stilllosing

he's the most DIVISIVE Pres. this country has ever seen....#realitysucks

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