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My games of interest for the weekend


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SFA vs BS.....Can BS bounce back after losing to AHP or will they be in a 0-2 hole

St. X vs Colerain.....usually a good match up in OH

Westlake vs Katy....Will this game be played??

Trinity vs Moeller....Is Moeller supposed to be good this year? Can they beat Trinity?

Lake Travis vs Judson....Again will this game be played?

Cedar Hill vs Allen....ok will any Texas games be played?

BG vs MD.....super matchup obv

SJC vs DLS. I know theres a thread already on this

BC vs DPC....NJ has finally begun

SJR vs DFB.....I will be at this game


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7 hours ago, TheRealCAJ said:

It's been cancelled for 4 days already. There is currently 3-4 feet of water in parts of Katy. Hmmm, for anyone not fully understanding the situation or doesn't read there will be NO football in Houston. 


I think you should've sent that to Nolebull, not me. Just a thought....

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Retired high school football coach Ruben Jordan, who spent over two decades at Clear Creek High School (League City, Texas), has died after he went missing Saturday morning. He was last seen helping rescue people after Hurricane Harvey hit the state, according to his family and friends.

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10 hours ago, HSFBfan said:

Dude they are in Texas and since it just got hit by a hurricane i was curious

Katy, IF they play a single game this season, they will be on the road! Houston is surrounded by the sixth GREAT LAKE at this time! Katy was in the eye of Harvey! There may not BE a KATY anymore!

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