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Biden’s world

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1 hour ago, Crusader12-0 said:

This man is losing his mind

On another note, he’s just another angry, old white man. The type of person that the left hates the most. Yet another example of how Biden is literally everything the left hates about our country, yet many still stand by him as he continues to decline. 

You can actually see that lame ass anchor stiffen up during that speech….dude was getting a hard on! 

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Politico with a headline today you never thought you would see “New York is now a battleground state”.  Sure they hate Biden and are trying to drive him from the race - but if they have to spend $ to defend New York, at the same time donors are shutting their checkbooks - no wonder Axelrod and Carville are wild.  If this narrative takes hold, they risk turning a bad situation into a collapse.

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