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47 minutes ago, AztecPadre said:



I believe I had the over under set at 7 months and took the under!!

This is ridiculous... I don't like some of the things Trump does but just read the article....

"CNN)President Donald Trump shared highly classified information with the Russian foreign minister and Russian ambassador to the US in a White House meeting last week, according to The Washington Post."

"CNN has yet to confirm the details of The Washington Post report."

These are some pissed off liberal journalists reporting hearsay as news without credible evidence to back it up..... I expect this kind of shit from TMZ, or inside edition.... but not from what is supposed  a top News agency.

In my opinion and yes we all have one ... 

1. Scandals are great for headlines and create instant demand for viewership, and sell news papers also.

2. Trump is an easy target because he is the farthest thing from P.C in the world

3. They are trying to sway public opinion because of personal agendas not stating legitimate news.

4. They are throwing shit at the wall seeing if they can get anything to stick 


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if you vote DEM like you, Caj, DBP, Horsefly, DevilDog, etc.  the last thing you want is Trump out.  Pence is a true Comservative who will actually take action.  I thought they taught street smarts in the barrio?  You are missing the forest while staring at a single tree, el cuate.

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9 minutes ago, NYHSFAN33 said:

True, I hear you and don't disagree.  He might be a tight-ass but he is a lot less volatile.  

Wonder how much Russian DNA Melanija Knavs (aka Melania Trump) is sporting?

This whole Russian thing is complete madness and bizarre.....I don't care what anyone says..


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