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Hoover 7 on 7 now 32 teams use this app to keep up with next week 16th-17th.


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10 hours ago, ATLien12x said:

Collins Hill also has Travis Hunter the No. 2 player in America. NFL first rounder in three years 

He should be #1 they put the ewers kid at 1 and he couldn't win a single event at the elite 11 and went from the #1 QB to like #6

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14 hours ago, Frosty4024 said:

Interesting to see Alexandria and North DeSoto there...I may need to keep an eye on this.

That's Bachman, ASH and Ruston are about to leave WM in their dust unless the Rebs get a new coach that the game hasn't passed by...

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1 hour ago, HooverOutlaw said:

Who is the coach?

Thomas Bachman is the son of John Bachman of Evangel and Calvary fame.  John won 1 State Title at Evangel and 2 at Calvary.



Thomas himself was a failed 2pt conversion against Acadiana from having a State Title himself.  He's slowly making Alexandria a player in 5A.

Question is...can Alexandria keep him there?

If by some chance you meant West Monroe's coach it's Jerry Arledge btw.

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