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Mater Dei Freshman QB transfers to Servite


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27 minutes ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Lol.  Get ready for the “spin/damage control” bots.





I told ya we’d send some back ups over to help out the poverty team. Stay at MD and play 2 more years behind the best QB in the country or transfer to servite and finish 4th-5th place but see some reps. Third string QB at MD = starter at servite. 


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Im reposting this here - Bottomline - Johnson won't help right away, he's 5'11 160 if that.. he played alright on the freshmen level, but needs work to improve his throwing strength, Lacks deep ball zip. He was insurance for Elijah Brown and not much if that. Should Brown have gone down MD would have been one dimensional. It was bound to happen regardless of the BS going on at MD. He will add depth to Servite's QBs that about all.  

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1 hour ago, Bodysurf said:

Johnson would not have played much at MD. This is a good move for him.  Matt Leinant’s son Cole is the heir apparent to Elijah Brown. MD will be just fine.

Mater Dei could have Duncanville's QB starting for them and they would be fine with the talent surrounding them.

They're kinda like Bama QBs with all those Stars all over the place.

Hard to gauge them until they go pro imo.  Some pan out...some don't.

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