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Baker Mayfield's career as a great QB is over.


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I think Mayfield was the best QB in the group. That said...

Would've picked Barkley 1st, then got Mayfield at 4.

You know NY was getting Chubb at #2 if Barkley wasn't there and the Jets were always interested in Sam Darnold's overrated ass.

But this is the Brown's....not the smartest organization in the league at all. Even after getting Mayfield at #1, they passed on Chubb and Fitzpatrick at 4. Smh.

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1 hour ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

QB at #! overall is marketing hype, but if picked that is a lotta coin.

Mayfield reminds me of Johnny Football with better fundamentals.

Time will tell. 

Given the right system and personnel, I think it would have been a 50-50 shot at Mayfield having a decent pro career.  He’ll have to do too much in Cleveland. 

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1 hour ago, steeler01 said:

They selected two guys Mayfield and Chubb that I believe will have no success in the NFL. I'd have taken Guice before Chubb

I dont like Chubbs chances either... We had a preview of his NFL career vs Alabama... 

Hes big, and hes strong, but hes just not quick enough...

Ever since his ACL tear, he has just lost a step... Chubb looked like a superstar before he went down vs Tennessee.

Maybe hes still getting better from that injury...

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