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1 hour ago, CODBEARD said:

oh there's rules. .just BSHS don't follow them lol

These are NCAA rules, as for NFHS they don't make rules like this they just have suggestions and the state high school athletic association follow those suggests and don't allow 5th years players to play.

Although there are some covid addendums that technically do allow for reclassifying well sort of.. Basically you don't have to graduate on time (8 semesters) you can take up until college enrollment in the fall to get the 16 core and graduate (basically the spring and summer) also instead of only being able to take 1 core course post grad you can take up to 6 BUT you do still have to have had the 10 core credits done before the start of your 7th semester. No SAT or ACT is required either. Just a 2.3 or 2.0 for academic redshirt


This is the non covid qualifier

Student athletes have 10 semesters to start competing at NCAA institutions after their first day of High School. All Academic Considerations MUST be fulfilled in the FIRST 8 SEMESTERS A Student may use 1-3 classes of work at a Prep School as a POST GRADUATE student provided they graduated from High School in 8 semesters (on time). A student may choose to reclassify (repeat a grade level) and not lose year of eligibility, provided they are full qualifiers after the first 8 semesters of High School.


So basically the covid rule allows extra time past the first 8 semesters.. the spirit of the rule is to allow for academic time lost to covid to get academically qualified not to get an extra year to play to get offered.


Students enrolling in Division I schools also will be allowed up to six core courses completed after starting the seventh semester of high school and before full-time enrollment in college, regardless of whether the student graduated on time or when the courses are completed. This approach will allow students impacted by school closures to complete additional core courses toward their initial eligibility




Hello Cod! We are following the rules lol!!!! 

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4 hours ago, CODBEARD said:

LOL, no your not. Your calling yourselves and trying to pass yourselves off as a high school team and have post grad players. Even players that don't even go to school..  So what rules are you following?  Certainly not the same rules sanctioned high schools follow and you are not NCAA approved as a high school. At least Bishop Sycamore High School is not.


High School Summary
NCAA High School Code 852378
CEEB Code  
Address 3599 CHILLER LN
OH - 43219
Primary Contact Name ANDRE PETERSON
Primary Contact Phone 614-695-4800
Primary Contact Fax Not Available
Primary Contact Email info@bishopsycamore.org
Secondary Contact Name DAVE BROWN
Secondary Contact Phone 6146954800
Secondary Contact Fax Not Available
Secondary Contact Email dbrown@bishopsycamore.org
School Website Https://www.bishopsycamore.org
Link to Online Course Catalog/Program of Studies Not Available
Last Update of List of NCAA Courses Not Updated
Other Teams Formally Affiliated No teams data found

Courses and proof of graduation may not be used in the initial-eligibility certification process at this time. Upon rendering of a decision, courses and proof of graduation may or may not be used in the initial-eligibility certification process, depending on account status.


We are not trying to pass off anything. We are no different than let’s say a MAPL school. We are a high school that allows for a reclassifying of a student. We are a part of a NFHS affiliate member just like MAPL, WCAC, etc. As far as the NCAA is concerned we have called them and it is ok that we use a third party educational platform that is NCAA approved. Lastly, our students go to school! You clearly know all of this, your family is in education so you know how we are doing this. My question for you is why are you asking questions you know the answers to. Unless you are trying to educate the rest of the bloggers. 🤔☺️😘

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50 minutes ago, CODBEARD said:

That is exactly what I am doing, educating the bloggers. More so anyone who may be onlooking that don't know the rules.  Being you seem to want to come here and be transparent about the program then let's deal in facts. So what NFHS affiliate association are you a part of? I call BS on that one.

I will even help you.. Here is the list of NFHS affiliate members.. Pick one


Yes it is ok you use a third party as far as NCAA approved courses provided that third party has been approved by the NCAA. American Academy is indeed an approved course provider for home schoolers but that is the school not BS. They have no "blended academies"


BS is simply a football program whose kids homeschool through an online provider while meeting in an building somewhere. That's the truth of it. Basically you are just like these guys and others like them but they are not high schools. Seems to be a few of them in and around Atlanta and a bunch in FLA as well. Simple question can Bishop Sycamore High School issue a legal high school diploma that the NCAA will recognize? 

formally Georgia Prep Sports Academy. You know where NC A&T's new WR signee is from



"Lastly, our students go to school!"

Some do but not all. We have already seen evidence of past players who stated some kids didn't go to school. Going to school being defined as taking online course in a building somewhere

Did the NC A&T WR take classes?. I mean why would he? He was already qualified and recruited through Georgia Prep Sports Academy... This is the real reason he didn't put anything out on twitter or anywhere that he was playing for you all. Could be a possible violation and deem him ineligible at that. just saying..


The additional 10 new Aggies are wide receivers Sterling Berkhalter (6-4, 186, Cincinnati, Ohio, Georgia Prep Sports), Elijah Bowick (6-1, 216, Charlotte, N.C., Virginia Tech, Myers Park HS); defensive back Shawn Chappell (6-2, 180, Durham, N.C., Southern Durham HS); running back Charlie Dixon (6-2, 230, Hogansville, Ga., Callaway HS), defensive linemen Kyiev Bennermon (6-3, 300, Poughkeepsie, NY, Boston College, Spackenkill HS), Quinton Hill (6-6, 190, Havelock, NC, Havelock HS); Emmanuel Ukhueligbe (6-3, 280, Fayetteville, N.C., Saddleback CC, Army, Seventy-First HS); offensive lineman Johnathan Cannon (6-4, 250, Charlotte, N.C., Vance HS), linebacker Sam Ofurie (6-1, 210, Salem, Mass., IMG Academy) and long snapper Damien Jackson (5-11, 205, Indian Trail, N.C., Porter Ridge HS). 








I’m going to answer one at a time!!!! Lol

We choose TCAL; I’m not sure how that’s BS? 



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3 minutes ago, CODBEARD said:

When did you become a member of TCAL?  Because you were not a member of TCAL last season and I know this as fact. See this is what I am talking about. your trying to BS me/us and I know the facts.

As for the NCAT kid I was really posing a question and offered what could be a possible NCAA violation. If he is in the clear for playing with you.. 

I already showed your diplomas can not be accepted for eligibility for NCAA , again you are talking BS... There is no evidence the state recognizes BSHS as a high school either.. I don't care what you guys print up to show parents lol  c'mon man lets see some proof not lip service.. post a copy of the schools license, diploma, accreditation anything official that can be verified will do it's ok if you want to black out the address for the kids safety and all lol

One at at a time!!! We have been a part of TCAL all since May of 2020....so you do not know that as a fact! 

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20 minutes ago, CODBEARD said:


as of September 23. 2020 you were not per a conversation I had with Mr Crain. Yes I was talking with them on some matters for some possibly interested Maryland teams. I guess you finally sent them their dues then.  I do see you listed now so that one for you. . Tell me are you going to follow their association rules?  Because currently you don't and just so you know their NFHS approval is based on them and their teams pledging to follow these rules ( the first two not withstanding)

here are few you may have problems with.. did you not have to attest to these during the vetting process?


15.3 No visible tattoos shall be on an athlete competing in a T★CAL event.

15.4 Male students in TCAL will be clean shaven at all times.

ok now the ones that matter lol

h. High-School Eligibility: Once a student has entered the 9th grade he/she has eight semesters to compete in varsity athletics. If a student transfers, does not compete, or fails a grade, the eight-semester rule is still in effect. This applies to any athletic participation at any school.

l. Graduation: No one shall take part in any contest in this organization that has graduated, whether form his/her or any other school, at home or abroad, of equal or higher rank.

m. Age: A student is not eligible for competition if he/she has reached the age of nineteen prior to September 1 of current school year



Yes, and they understand who we are! I’m more interested in why you would call them about Maryland schools and talk about us?  I don’t want to jump to far ahead because this is how conversations get confusing. 

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I want to get back to your original statements we seem to be getting off track...why is proof for our students and parents not good enough! Since you like to call people (dr.crain etc.) why don’t you call ODE and ask them if we are a registered school or not? The reason I’m suggesting this is because you said you don’t care what we print up...you’re right it could all be bs lol so call away...I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to you..you asked I give you answers and then it’s like you don’t want it to be real or valid...we are functioning and working towards helping young men...join us and help make it better...

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4 hours ago, CODBEARD said:

Kid looks the part, is a work out animal, has the measurables and was by far the best player on BS last season .. Where did he sign?

Seriously, he's class of '21, should have some fake offers from Steel City Prep and Palmetto Prep the like already but nothing on his profile. Everybody gets "offers" these days, even if they're from D3s that are only offering a roster spot or from "prep schools" that are more like club teams. I saw a kid post his "Top 10" the other day. It was 7 bad D3s, 2 horrible NAIAs and a new prep school I'd never heard of that apparently is starting up in MD this fall. Class of 21 is getting screwed hard with everyone getting extra eligibility and the grifters and con-artists are swarming right now. If 'ole Dusty wasn't an idiot and ran USAA as a post-grad venture, I guarantee he'd have 50+ kids signed up right now and no one would care or even notice.

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1 hour ago, CODBEARD said:

You keep referencing that this cat is a former COF parent. Has this been submitted on here as a fact?  If so why would that mean anything other than maybe the guy knows more than you about what goes on there? Have you been there? RJ is a hell of a salesman I will give you that.  Even had me going for a minute but I am a better salesman than him and snuffed his shit out. lol    Me thinks he got you closed up, done deal write the order. How much did you send to them? haha  GSB yeah he is easy pickins for someone of RJ's talents but you Sir?

Haha I just like messing with him. He pretends to be an outsider just “calling out injustice” Sounds like a disgruntled parent looking to bad mouth them because he felt slighted by the past admin. 

Maybe he hides his identity because he knows if he says too much, someone from B-Syc would know who he is. I don’t know what his purpose is just coming on here trashing them. I have asked. No avail. If he was truly that concerned with the shady dealings, then his moral duty would be to expose their corruption to any and all teams scheduled to play them. And all the parents of the players involved. He seems to have direct ties so it’s kinda annoying to hear him bitch ad nauseam, but not do anything about it. 

You seem to enjoy bashing them and calling out any B.S. it seems personal for this Severino fella. He should use his knowledge towards some good and save some players, parents and opponents some financial heartache. 

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