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Building a Japanese-style home in Suburbia


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8 hours ago, ChimpGrip said:

With the proper licensing and permits along with plans that fall within code, can this be done? I'd imagine an HOA would halt any idea of this. Prefab Japanese Villa Zenkei - Yokoso Japanese Gardens

you could build that anywhere,

as long as you get a good architect to spec it to code 👍

But how come you always seem to post something ridiculous....🤔


you want to put your home anywhere near an HOA ??? 😲


sucker  LOL....

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8 hours ago, ChimpGrip said:

With the proper licensing and permits along with plans that fall within code, can this be done? I'd imagine an HOA would halt any idea of this. Prefab Japanese Villa Zenkei - Yokoso Japanese Gardens

Nope that would be against trumptards beliefs of america first. Japan is under monarchy leadership stop worshiping none us political governments.

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1 hour ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:


Being buttbuddies with Putin and shit.


Haven't seen it much in the news...

But heard that joey removed all those Iranian Oil sanctions,

(you know...after shutting down our oil...and removing the  sanctions on your boy Putin's oil as well 👍)

And the US is now possibly buying Iranian (previously) embargoed oil 👌


Now...Just wondering...

...who do you think, joey is buttbuddies with ???



PS: Some green 🌲 "new deals" huh...🤪


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8 minutes ago, Ga96 said:

How easily they forget when it benefits them.

You mean like "your not supposed to discriminate against others based on skin color? or you shouldn't pre-judge people based on race?? or institutionalized racism is wrong???"....👍


MAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.....fuck that  💩  sheeeet !!!


"white fragility rules" 👌






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11 hours ago, Ga96 said:

Nope that would be against trumptards beliefs of america first. Japan is under monarchy leadership stop worshiping none us political governments.


1 hour ago, BUFORDGAWOLVES said:

Wait…. Didn’t Trumpy the KKKlown wanted to install his family as president for life?

Being buttbuddies with Putin and shit.


I want y’all to take a minute, take a step back , and just look at thread, I don’t understand why y’all got so much hate in ur heart and gotta make everything so political 

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45 minutes ago, maxchoboian said:

I'd steer away from this in your plans. Otherwise, you're good.


Yeah but some of it ain't half bad....LOL

here you go Chimp ..... 😄

The Best Asian-Inspired Home Builders in the US


When people think of Asian homes, the balanced serenity of a zen garden immediately comes to mind. Architects and designers have recently been exploring different style combinations to bring fresh ideas to the table. Modern and contemporary homes infused with Asian details are becoming a trend in home design and construction. Asian-inspired homes are often characterized by materials like wood, multi-layered roofs, clean lines, and the copious use of natural elements. Styles have been sub-classified into Oriental, Japanese, Tropical, and Thai.


Looking for a seasoned professional to build your dream Asian-inspired home? We’ve handpicked the best firms capable of building specialized homes. We heavily weighed their accreditations, certifications, and professional affiliations, as well as the recognition each firm has received in the form of industry awards and press. We also took into account their years in the industry, client reviews, and range of services offered. For a home that is built with the utmost care for your vision, and in keeping with impeccable industry standards, get in touch with the best Asian-inspired home builders in the US.

If you are thinking about doing a construction project we recommend checking each builder's license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 professionals. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

Architectural Design & Construction, Inc. (ADC, Inc.)

2145 Wells St. Suite #301, Wailuku, Maui, HI 96793

Architectural Design & Construction, Inc. (ADC, Inc) is an award-winning home builder in Maui specializing in residential construction and renovations. The firm was founded by Clayton Nishikawa, a well-established architect who continues to guide ADC in creating world-class homes while building lasting relationships. ADC’s team is composed of Certified Green Professionals, LEED Accredited Professionals, and AIA Maui members. As a result, the firm builds nothing less than stunning homes.


The firm’s portfolio is filled with tropical-themed homes well-suited to their island location. A perfect example is the Makena Residence in Maui. Designed by Kober, Hanssen, Mitchell Architects, Inc., this relaxing abode offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, featuring a tropical paradise design with views of the serene ocean. And the outdoor courtyard pool simply completes the home. The tropical vibe comes strongly of this Bali-inspired residence. Aside from building aesthetically-pleasing homes, the firm is also committed to building greener homes through sustainable practices.

East Wind Higashi Kaze

21020 Shields Camp Rd., Nevada City, CA 95959

East Wind Higashi Kaze is focused on bringing authentic Japanese-inspired homes to the US. The firm designs and builds custom Japanese homes in California and other states. Len Brackett’s interest in carpentry jump-started his career building homes. While traveling through Japan, Brackett met a Zen master who introduced him to a group of skilled local craftsmen. He trained with them for the next five years before establishing East Wind Higashi Kaze in 1976. Since then, the firm has established a reputation for delivering Japanese architecture fused with the best of western architectural traditions.


Location is everything: it can make or break the traditional Japanese home setup. East Wind Higashi Kaze takes its time in observing the project location of their clients and working with the clients on the designs. Some of the things that the firm takes into consideration are the lighting at different times of the day, natural views like trees, rocks, or creeks, as well as the way all of these elements operate together during solstices and equinoxes. The firm takes six months to a year to build a home. In addition to carefully planned houses, the firm believes that smaller homes tend to be better than cavernous houses without a soul. Take a look at this living area taken from one of its projects, featuring a traditional Japanese living area.

Entasis Group

1501 W 124th Ave. Suite #100, Westminster, CO 80234

Entasis Group is a Colorado-based firm with fresh, award-winning ideas that are bringing diversity to home construction. Brian Ojala and Aaron Ojala are equally established professionals who lead Entasis Group’s design and development team. The firm has been featured on numerous publications for its sophisticated homes and outstanding service.


The Colorado Homes & Lifestyle Magazine and Colorado Expression Magazine featured this modern home with an Asian-inspired exterior. Brian Ojala designed the Holly House to be integrated with modern home designs that have never been seen before. Aside from its impeccable design, the home was also built with a net-zero output. Its large windows offer its owners a scenic view of the mountain range.


27 Muzzey St., Lexington, MA 02421

Peter Feinmann is a nationally-recognized professional in the design-build industry. He established Feinmann in 1987 to deliver quality renovation and construction services. From its humble beginnings in Feinmann’s home, the firm has grown into an award-winning multi-dollar company. Its impeccable designs and unmatched craftsmanship has earned it multiple recognitions locally and nationally. Recently Feinmann was named the 2020 Contractor of the Year by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.


The firm has led multiple projects with a diverse style selection. One of which is Asian inspired homes. This award-winning home in Lexington features a modern sleek design infused with Japanese natural elements. The client is a Japanese sociology professor at Harvard who owned a deckhouse with a 1950’s modernist simplicity. Feinmann designed and built the house to reflect a Japanese “scholar’s study” with contemplative workspaces enclosed by shoji screens.

GM Construction

73-4148 Hulikoa Dr., Kailua Kona, HI 96740

GM Construction is a trusted luxury custom home builder on the Kona and Kohala Coast. Its team of skilled craftspeople and dedicated staff have strived to build remarkable homes over the last 20 years. The firm offers clients different design-build approaches to suit their needs. The firm can start from scratch, but it’s just as at ease working with a plan. The team’s flexibility and versatility allow the team to deliver greater results.


Photo by Ethan Tweedie Photography

Take a break from the busy life by taking a virtual tour of this Hainoa residence. This relaxing and dreamy home features views of nature and the ocean. Its tropical exterior design is partnered with neat interiors with an open floor plan that keeps the home flowing from one room to the next.

Pu’uwai Design + Build

3417 Poipu Rd. Suite #108, Old Koloa Town, HI 96756

Pu’uwai Design + Build is an Old Koloa Town-based firm specializing in the design-build of tropical homes. Since its inception in 1996, Pu’uwai Design + Build has brought its client’s prime construction services through its detailed processes and goal-oriented approach. Founders Justin and Malia Thain combine astonishing designs and creative building techniques to build homes with a timeless appeal.


Photo by Ethan Tweedie Photography

One of its many notable works is the Kukuiula residence “Hale Anuenue” (house of rainbows). Its tropical theme blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living with its seamless transition. The firm installed sliding glass pocketing doors that open to the living room, master bedroom, and dining room; these doors retain the privacy in the home while still generating a sense of seamless flow. The interior features white furniture highlighted with orange accents for a bright, coastal coral vibe.

Riverland Homes

PO Box 2432 Lake Oswego, Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Since 1988. Riverland Homes has built distinct homes in and around Portland. John Chlopek and Chris Bittner are hands-on professionals who continue to guide Riverland Homes through each project. The firm’s linear process allows the team to balance beauty, budget, time, and quality. Riverland Homes values attention to detail and high-quality workmanship and in doing so creates homes that will endure the test of time.


Riverland Homes

Riverland Homes’ works have received a lot of positive feedback from past clients. That feedback highlights the firm’s excellent reputation in homebuilding. Take a glimpse at its portfolio filled with homes designed with diversity. A thrilling example of its Asian-inspired work is this Japanese-inspired ranch-style home in Portland. Chlopek designed the home to blend with its natural surroundings.

Smith Brothers

444 S Cedros Ave. Suite #170, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Upholding fine craftsmanship and developing excellent client relationships has built a solid reputation for Smith Brothers. Since its inception in 1978, the firm has served countless clients with homes ranging in scope and style. The company is owned and managed by Jeff Donald Smith. Smith Brothers’ team and projects have appeared on the pages of LUXE Interiors + Design, San Diego Home/Garden Magazine, Ranch & Coast magazine, and C Home Magazine.

Smith Brothers specialize in the design and construction of residential spaces in California and Hawaii. Its portfolio includes homes with designs from Modern Colonial to Asian-inspired. Relax your eyes with this Zen Craftsman home. The firm took Frank Lloyd Wright’s aesthetic principles and blended it with Zen Buddhist elements. This serene home features a consistent zen aesthetic, from its exterior down to its finishing touches.

Trilogy Partners

965 N Ten Mile Dr. Unit A1, Frisco, CO 80443

Michael Rath is the CEO of Trilogy Partners. One of Rath’s memorable projects is a bridge spanning over a 40-foot ravine, a bridge he built for his sister. Since then Michael has devoted over two decades to honing his skill for designing and building homes. His work can be seen in Colorado, Hawaii, and the continental US. The firm has been in business since 1998, creating architecturally-outstanding homes.

Trilogy Partners’ portfolio is home to remarkably designed homes with a modern or contemporary look. One of the firm’s notable projects is a custom home for the creator of the South Park television series. The home is situated in Kapaa Gardens and designed with tropical and zen elements. Trilogy Partners has been featured in Architectural Digest for its impeccable work.





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On 6/24/2021 at 12:50 PM, ChimpGrip said:

With the proper licensing and permits along with plans that fall within code, can this be done? I'd imagine an HOA would halt any idea of this. Prefab Japanese Villa Zenkei - Yokoso Japanese Gardens

I built something similar to this for a customer in Connecticut years ago.It was for Pansy Flowers so your good.

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