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For the Love of God Georgia

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7 minutes ago, HooverOutlaw said:

Winning a title once every 41 years should be simple.

If we should get beat I'm glad it will be to Georgia. They deserve to feel the enjoyment of winning a title like we do 50% of the time the last 12 years.

Do you remember the 1980 title.

I wasnt even born in 1980... 

About 16 years too early...

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10 minutes ago, HurricaneNick said:

What did we do to you bro? Leave us alone in our misery Lol 

My moms family hails  from  Longbeach... and all  of her siblings excepr for one are Trojans... 

I hate the trojans... 

I have one uncle whose a Bruin... and family sports gatherings get really rough sometimes.


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