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St. Francis Academy(SFA) vs Don Bosco Prep(DBP)


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7 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

SFA starts 9 starred players, 5 of which are 4* or higher. Hearing that at least one DBP OL may be out. 

It'll come down to the DBP D vs the SFA O. This game reminds me of the AHP game last season but with DBP home, which will help a bit. 

Ill say 28-17 SFA. Hoping though that DBP can pull a Wood w the upset!! 


I'd be keeping that inside info about injuries on the inside. But hey what the heck?

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1 hour ago, GardenStateBaller said:

@NicholasMalibu pls enlighten us some more. Thx. 

For MD/DC it's a toss up between DeMatha, SFA and SJC right now. I still think DeMatha is the best team in the region, St. John's has the best win against SJR, and SFA is undefeated. So it's kind of a mess right now as to who is #1, but I'll kind of break down each team so far...

DeMatha- I thought they played tough against BG. I was under the impression that they were going to take the game over after they went up midway through the 3rd quarter. They lost their homerun threat at RB to injury and the DB's lost steam against the BG passing attack. They've been fine in the two games after. Good news is the RB Lloyd returns in a few weeks. A very impressive freshman has been playing back there, so it's kind of cool to see how deep they will be for the next few years. They have a good test against McDonogh from Baltimore this Friday. SJC and DM will be a heavyweight fight. Athletes against athletes. I think DM has the better coaching and line play. They'll play twice this year.

SFA- At this point we know they are completely stacked with talent. The win against Bishop Sullivan was great, but they scored multiple TD's on turnovers. In other words, I have no clue how they'll react to adversity. The ball bounced their way almost completely against BS. I hope DBP gives them all they can handle so we can really gauge how good they actually are. I was really looking forward to them against IMG. Hopefully it happens. 

SJC- To be honest they are playing better than anyone in DC thought. The QB Doyle has been special. They seem like a much better "team" this year. They were as talented as SFA last season, but didn't come through when it counted against DeMatha. The one thing I am unsure about with SJC is how they will play when facing a team with similar talent and speed. The SJB game will be very telling. Would of liked to see them against IMG also. 

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