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2019 schedules and rumors


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5 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

Why would they go to New Jersey? 

SJR didn't go to Florida. 

AHP shouldn't have to go pass Virginia. Lol

that would work....yes we did not go to Fla....this was one off for the freedom bowl.....but that game left a bad taste for SJR....on top of their coach talking smack at halftime........ sure...meet us halfway....all good...

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An asst coach for AHP just told me that they are trying to get a game with Karr set up in New Orleans and that the Freedom Bowl is on the back burner. Nothing is signed yet but they are trying to get it done as quick as they can because they don't want the Freedom Bowl to fill and the Karr game fall though and they are back to square one. 


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12 hours ago, Nolebull813 said:

Clearwater Academy International who played 8 man a few years ago is playing Cincinnati Elder next year. 

They played a St Frances type schedule and went 11-0. The best team they played was probably in the thousands. So there is no idea how good they really are. 

Blowout. There is a difference in playing with some decent athletes to playing a top national program with tradition, coaching, AND athletes. 


I just don't get the little athletic factories trying to pop up everywhere. It's a bad idea unless you can do it to the scale of IMG, and that isn't going to happen at the "Clw Academy".

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