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Any1 wanna have a friendly wager FL Vs NJ


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I doubt anyone is going to take this bet.

It was a good sign that DFB beat Carol City if youre hoping for a competitive game though. Sometimes DFB wins some that surprise you, sometimes they lose some that do the same. 

Like gator said though, I doubt DFB is disciplined enough to beat SJR.

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1 hour ago, 954gator said:

Ehh I'm not sure DFB is disciplined enough to win in Jersey.    They have a lot of talent that's for sure.  Hope the refs don't get too involved. 

Deerfield is definitely bigger and has more athletes but ur right at the end of the day it comes down to penalties and discipline 

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45 minutes ago, GardenStateBaller said:

SJR is replacing seven line starters. Not easy to do. I believe this game will be much closer than many. 

Which of these teams are guaranteed wins for the BNU?

AWx2, Byrnes, DFB, MD, SFA, SJP, SJC

The BNUs could have a losing record this season in its OOS games. 

Blame it on parity. That's what happens when BNU teams lose. It's all Peppers fault. Or Trumps. 

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53 minutes ago, dan in daytona said:

Deerfield Beach is an athletic SoFL (Fort Lauderdale area) public school. They won't be intimidated. They also won't get any calls. I'd like to see this match up down south....

Fair point!  Let's not forget STA vs DBP at West Point though.  SJR is a true hard nosed team, and add the DBP DC to Augie and Co. and staff.  Should be a great one.

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