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De La Salle 14 vs Folsom 7 (F)


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9 minutes ago, 15yds4gibberish said:

Spartans go back to the veer.  Line showing some pop.  No turnovers.  Few penalties. Clock chewing drives.  No passing game.   Solid D.  14 - 7 Spartans final.

Back to basics . Get all the kinks out establishing the veer and slowly start opening the play book as season unfolds. Most likely they will play Folsom again in D-1 norcal final . Having Eidsen back makes all the difference

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  • dntn31 changed the title to De La Salle 14 vs Folsom 7 (F)
3 hours ago, dntn31 said:

Nothing against the school, but always good to see Folsom go down to DLS. Especially sweet considering the year DLS has been having.

I just might never complain about Jason Negro or SJB’s Schedule again…. 🤣

Actually that’s probably not true, but I have said it so much that no one is listening anyway so who cares…. 🤣🤣🍻

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2 hours ago, QPRTrinity said:

Coach Alabum lives another day.  Surprised to see the folsom program so down but it's a lot of yougn lads there.

All DLS needs is The Veer and to recruit high level defensive players….

There are 2 in the NFL as Rookies this year in the NFL so with TE in the house, LB’s and  D-Linemen should be lining up to come to DLS and get the type of coaching that has led several players to the NFL and College….

Build that great D and execute an offense you can run better than anyone else…. That is a formula that can get them back to the open…

I know you don’t want to hear it because you supposedly “Went to the Board at DLS to get Lopez Removed” so you are just an idiot so no one cares….🤣

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Rebuilding year for Folsom. A young team who was simply out coached. I thought Folsoms game plan was terrible. DLS cannot throw the ball whatsoever yet Folsom had trouble stopping the run. DLS had 4 yard runs all night long and just owned the time of possession. Folsoms play calling on offense was puzzling. They ran the ball all night with their QB instead of passing to all of their athletes. Did the Folsom coaches even watch the St Mary’s game?

These teams could meet again in the playoffs, next time in Concord, and Folsom better change their game plan otherwise they’re going to get ran on again. 


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46 minutes ago, On2whls said:

Hmmmm, De La Salle has given up point totals in order, 35,28,17,10, 7.   That’s a good pattern.

They went back more to the veer against Folsom. Only threw like 5 passes. But were able to get 4-5 yards a carry and held the ball most of the game. Helped keep the defense off the field.

Wont work against top end elite teams being so one dimensional. But should work against the other 98% of teams and os their best course for now.

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