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47 minutes ago, steeler01 said:

With Chase, Higgins, Boyd and Mixon.  Can you imagine him starting for the Jets, Panthers,  Steelers,  or Bears.

That’s what I’m saying. He has always had enormous talent around him to mask his lack of skills. He’s not a bad guy. I just wouldn’t give him $55 million per year to produce what he produces 

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55 minutes ago, TheMaximumHornetSting said:

I'll be real with you...Caj BS aside... 

I didn't expect the Bengals or Burrow to be this bad this season... 

But they took a big step back.... 

I didn't expect it either.  They're a loaded team,  and Burrow is holding them back.  He got all the praise being just good with that loaded offense. 

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I know some will consider this blasphemy, and I know he had a great year and was a worthy candidate, but the truth is that Burrow’s 2019 Heisman numbers were vastly inflated because he consistently played the entire game because the LSU defense was pure garbage and they had no running game, whereas his competition (Hurts and Fields) more frequently only played 2-3 quarters or so.  Burrow attempted about 50% more passes than either Young or Fields.  When you adjust for that, all their numbers look pretty close.   Hurts also had significantly more yards per attempt, and Fields had a significantly higher TD rate.  Both Hurts and Fields also significantly outrushed Burrow.

But Burrow got to play against all those trash  SEC defenses that year, and LSU’s own trash defense meant Burrow often played the entire game, throwing on almost every down.

Not saying he wasn’t good — just saying his numbers were hyper-inflated and a bit deceptive.

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