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Matt Boling vs Ted Ginn


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3 minutes ago, Texasvic said:

Ginn was slightly slower in hs than boling..... now imagine at 34 years old..... hmmm easy 10k 

Ginn didn't have the same type of 100m speed that Boling had in HS.  He was the man in the Hurdles, both the 110 and the 300.  

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Teddy is fast. But he’s not 21 anymore. IDC what the comparable times are. There are always variables with those things. Gotta see guys run side by side. I mean, Jerry Rice didn’t post fast numbers. But he was rarely caught from behind. 

Some guys just have the ability to run as fast as they need to when they need to against who they need to.

But in this case, Teddy’s not as fast as he was a few years ago and he’d be up against a much younger sprinter. Advantage goes to the young kid.

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On 5/20/2019 at 2:40 PM, Drummer61 said:

Golf, do you think Boiling will get faster in three years ??

Tough to say, but based on his personal bests imo long jump might be his best bet to succeed at the collegiate and maybe pro level. The 100 will be fun to see how low he can go.  

You were standing beside me a few years ago watching Anthony Schwartz, who was last year’s fastest sprinter in HS (same age as Boling).  He has taken a little step back this season with times (still a SEC finalist outdoors and he will go against Boling next season, who is a GA commit).   

Boling is electric and has ridiculous athleticism, but time will tell how he peaks.  His outdoor season is likely not complete in 2019 and he is peaking right now.  

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