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Looking more like Jim Jordan is going to be the next Speaker


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3 hours ago, Bormio said:

Should be good for at least 50 RZ posts

No, just 1 by you.

I personally don't give a fuck anymore.

Maybe he'll write a book too! Hell, why not?

More importantly will you be buying marg taylor green's new book? Supposed to be spicy and she's pimping it hard!



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1 hour ago, golfaddict1 said:

Had to share this.  😂 

The “oldies” will get it. 


TRUE STORY, During that add campaign, late one night I go through the Wendy's drive-thru and order two singles with cheese, lettuce, tomato and onions only, with no fries or drink. Drive 5 miles home, sit at the kitchen table, unwrap the first burger NO BEEF, then the 2nd, NO BEEF !  First off, I'm pissed, then slightly amused and smiling. Quickly, I half-ass rewrap them, throw'em in the bag, and head back. No one else is in line and I go straight to the window. Girl opens it, and I toss the bag at her and say "Where's the Beef ?"  She looks confused, then the white shirt manager comes towards the window and asks " if there a problem ?"  Yes there is I say. Check out the burgers, there's no beef !  As she unwraps my dinner, I tell her to notice how there in no meat grease or drippings on the "pristine buns." Saying she's sorry and doesn't understand how this could happen, she turns out of sight looking for an answer. In the next couple of minutes every employee working comes out of the back to take a look at me. Always thought one of the lookers, a practical joking teen, had the last laugh. But which one was it.  :)  

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