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  1. 1. Will De La Salle avoid another OOS loss?

    • No, another black eye for California
    • Yes...finally

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Temperatures are supposed to creep up to 113F in Concord Friday with gametime temps hoovering near triple digits. De La Salle comes off a season many considered a down year that saw them lose to East (UT) and surrender 56 points in a lopsided victory for St. John Bosco. St. John's, meanwhile, comes to Concord with a transfer QB and something to prove as it takes on one of the most audacious schedules. Both teams have much to gain with a win, so who do you got?

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1 hour ago, Drummer61 said:

Did DLS initiate contact with this school or vice versa ???  SJCH has little history,rarely highly ranked ???????  

This is probably more about under armour/nike then it is about DLS/SJC. You seem to be questioning the decision, though, to put SJC on the schedule. You may recall, however, that SJC has been on the national radar. They are one of the only teams to have beaten IMG and they have been ranked the last few years.

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@NicholasMalibu what more can you tell us about SJC. I know they've got some offensive pieces in Doyle and Robinson and Jefferson to protect them but how are their receivers? doesn't casemento run a more pass oriented offense? what do they bring on defense? they've got the sherman kid and goode up front but what do they have on the second level?

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4 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

Maybe DLS goes down again ????

It won't be an easy out for them. SJC has some talent and size on them. I'd argue they may have more talent and size than DLS. It will come down to depth and experience. I'm pretty sure SJC is a young squad, I just don't know how much depth they have and they'll need depth in the heat that will be coming on Friday. Both teams will as it will be hard to have two ways.

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3 minutes ago, Drummer61 said:

Was their last loss at home to Lakeland 31-30 when they went foot two to win and failed ???

That game wasn't actually played at DLS' field. East and Bosco were. Interesting though, the three losses (East, Lakeland, DBP) have all been decided in the waning moments of the game by a field goal or failed conversion. Not sure how much you can read into that, but if DLS loses, it will probably be close.

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      Ok, let's get a game discussion going and something different than the Rab rants. Some of you probably saw Dematha against BG earlier in the season. Some of you also probably saw SJC versus DLS or SJR. So, who do we like in this game? Dematha is coming off two straight losses to Gonzaga and OLGC. SJC has two big wins since that tough loss to SJB. Last year SJC lost to Dematha during the regular season and in the championship, do they play with a chip on their shoulder and get the win or is this a trap game for SJC and Dematha pulls the upset. 
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