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All time Best 3 Year Run - Finalists


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Please nominate your team or teams from your state for the best 3 year run.

The nominations will be crowd sourced into 6 Tiers based on level of competition.

Rules are simple:

1.  One nomination per team will qualify for the final list although multiple Nominations can be submitted (ex.  DLS ‘99-01 and ‘01-‘03

2.  Add the credentials to your nomination. 


DBP ‘09-‘11 -  Beat DLS at DLS, Beat Mission Viejo). 

Mater DeI ‘17-‘19 - State Champs in ‘17, beat IMG in ‘18, beat SFA in ‘19

Servite ‘09-‘11 -42-3 vs Top competition.  State Champs in ‘09, CIFSS champs in ‘10.  Beat CIFSS champs SM and Johnny Stanton in ‘11

Other teams that will be highly featured

Bishop Gorman ‘14-‘16

Allen ‘13-‘15

SJB ‘13-‘15

MV ‘04-‘06

Loyola ‘99-‘01

Edison ‘79-‘81

Fontana ‘87-‘89

STA- several options

Colquitt -‘14-‘16


*Deadline to submit nominations is April 17.

*Final Tiers listed on April 25

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2 hours ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Mater DeI ‘17-‘19 - Back to back national champions - Never trailed during a game + State Champs in ‘17 - beat the New Jersey state champion by 48 points, SJB 2x DLS + BG. State champs in ‘18 beat IMG BG DLS & SJB. Beat SJB, SJC, SFA in ‘19. 



Our run over the next three years is probably going to be better. Yikes. 

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4 minutes ago, imaGoodBoyNow said:

Dude it’s kinda funny , cause when I see that thumbs down 👎 I know the dudes mid Panic Attack 



I love it

Has to be the worst person in forum history. Will bash people for posting threads about nationally relevant programs and try and have good football talk but will spam the board with useless garbage about teams no one has heard of or gives a shit about. 

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Buford has 3 in a row 01,02,03 and 07,08,09 and 2010... the again from 2012,13,14. And currently on a 2 year Streak with the new HC Bryan Appling... 

Been there for 2 years and already is on a roll with 2 state titles.... will probably win this year.... 

They got a few before the 90s too but they weren't in streaks.... 

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1 hour ago, Yard Dart said:

Southlake Carroll 2004-2006, 48-0, 3 State Championships

Lake Travis 2007-2009, 47-1, 3 State Championships

Lake Travis 2008-2010, 46-2, 3 State Championships

Lake Travis 2009-2011, 46-2, 3 State Championships

What would you say were the signature wins for each, and how would you rank them?


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5 hours ago, Sammyswordsman said:

Please nominate your team or teams from your state for the best 3 year run.


Hands down the best resume. 


2014    15-0

10-4 Brophy Prep (AZ) D1 Semifinalist

Gorman won 44-0

13-2 Bingham (UT) 5A State Champs 

Gorman won 23-20 in OT

12-3 Centennial (CA) CIF Open Finalist

Gorman won 43-42 at CA

12-2 SJB (CA) Pac 5 Finalist

Gorman won 34-31


2015    15-0

11-2 Chandler (AZ) D1 Semifinalist

Gorman won 35-14

12-2 Bingham (UT) 5A Semifinalist

Gorman won 38-20 at UT

11-2 Bellevue (WA) 3A Finalist

Gorman won 35-7 at WA

9-3 Don Bosco  Prep (NJ) Non Public group 4 Champions

Gorman won 30-16


2016    15-0

11-3 Cedar Hill (TX) 6A D2 Region 1 Finalist

Gorman won  44-14 at TX

12-1 Cocoa (FL) 4A Champions

Gorman won 46-10

13-2 SJB (CA) CIF Open Division Champions

Gorman won 35-20 at CA

11-2 Kahuku (HI) Open Division Finalist

Gorman won 35-7

14-2 STA (FL) 7A Champions

Gorman won 25-24 in OT


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